The issues between Mario Galento and Joe Scarpa were still lingering at the beginning of the year. A match between the two was signed for Ft. Whiting and as had been their previous encounter chaos ensued. Scarpa jumped Galento before the opening bell and battered him mercilessly. The two wound up in the laps of the front row spectators as Scarpa bounced Galento’s noggin off of the ringside chairs. Galento managed to get the upper hand and returned to the ring. Each time Scarpa tried to reenter the ring Galento knock him back to the arena floor. On Scarpa’s final attempt to get back in the ring, Galento stopped him on the apron and proceeded to choke him using the top rope. Referee Bob Hamby declared the match a no contest after which Galento knock Scarpa back to the floor and headed to the dressing room. He didn’t get very far, however, before Scarpa came after him tossing chairs along the way. The two continued to battle their way back to the dressing room. That same evening saw Galento get involved with Gulf Coast champion Pancho Villa, during Villa’s match with Rowdy Red Roberts. Pancho had been ignoring challenges from both Galento and Lee Fields and had agreed to the match with Roberts but was not defending his title. Roberts found himself in the odd position of being cheered by the fans and was signing autographs when Villa attacked him at the beginning of the first fall. Villa battered Roberts around the ring until the Rowdy one got his second wind. He stunned Pancho with a series of bodyslams and a body press to win the first fall. Villa came back to pin Roberts in the second with the help of a handful of Roberts’ trunks for added leverage. The third fall went back and forth until Villa seemed to slip a piece of metal into his knee brace and rammed his knee into Roberts’ head. Villa repeatedly rammed Roberts with his knee until he opened a cut on Red’s forehead. This brought Galento out to the ring as he chased Villa with a ringside chair. Villa fled for the dressing room and Galento helped Roberts from the ring. An irate Pancho Villa demanded that promoter Les Wolfe sign a match between he and Mario Galento and put his Gulf Coast title on the line. The match was signed for Ft. Whiting and was a wild one. Galento attacked Villa before the champion could remove his serape and soon had the Mexican bleeding severely. Galento was soon bleeding as well as Villa fought back. Referee Rocky McGuire tried to regain order, but he too wound up bleeding profusely as both combatants knocked him around. McGuire had no choice but to declare the match a no contest. Villa had better luck a few days later as he defeated Lee Fields in Laurel to win the Mississippi State crown. Villa was now a double champion. Villa’s feud with Mario Galento became a family feud when the two met in a mixed tag team match. Pancho teamed with his wife Mama Villa to face Mario and his daughter Barbara Galento. Barbara was particularly popular with the Gulf Coast fans as she had grown up in the area and many of the fans knew her personally. Mario Galento won the first fall for his team as he forced Pancho Villa to submit with his Hangman’s hold. Pancho received a blistering tongue-lashing from Mama in the dressing room between falls. The second fall was taken by the Villas as Mama Villa battered young Barbara Galento mercilessly. The end came when Pancho punched Barbara in the face allowing Mama to pin her. Barbara was unconscious after the fall and was carried to the dressing room by her father and several fans. The third and final fall never got started as Mario came tearing back into the ring and jumped Pancho Villa before he had a chance to leave the ring. Soon Villa was pouring blood from his forehead as Galento continued to pound on him. Finally Mama Villa managed to trip Galento and then handed her husband a piece of metal which he used to open a gash on Galento’s head.  The irate Galento, spurred on by the cheers of the fans, managed to fight back and finally chased the Villas back to the dressing room. He then returned to the ring and challenged Pancho to come back out but to no avail. Mario was anxious for revenge of both Pancho and Mama Villa so he recruited one of the top lady wrestlers in the country, Judy Grable, to team with him to face the couple. To further ensure that some semblance of order would prevail, two referees were assigned to the match. Grable proved to be an able partner as she pinned Mama Villa with a sunset flip to take the first fall. She tried it again in the second but was tripped by Pancho Villa which allowed Mama to pin her for the fall. In the third and deciding fall it was all Mario Galento as he battered Pancho from pillar to post and had the Mexican bleeding severely from the head. Referees Joe Powell and Greg Peterson tried to restrain Galento and Villa took advantage of the momentary distraction. He landed a haymaker on Galento’s jaw that knocked him from the ring and to the arena floor. Galento was unable to make it back into the ring and thus was counted out, giving the fall and the match to the Villas. Galento got another chance at Villa when the two met in a match in Laurel. Villa refused to risk either his Mississippi State or Gulf Coast title. As it was Villa won two straight falls, with the second fall coming by way of Galento’s disqualification. Others in the area in January were Ali Pasha, Jack LaRue, Tom Drake and newcomers Nick Kolonis & Ray Andrews.  



The feud between Pancho Villa and Mario Galento reached a fever pitch when the two were signed to face each other in a match for Villa’s Gulf Coast championship. The match was also to be held with the ring enclosed in a wire fence and Lee Fields was assigned as the special referee.  Galento took the first fall with the use of his Hangman’s hold. Villa had the upper hand during the second fall and had Galento bleeding from a series of hard right hands to the head. Fields kept trying to restrain Villa who finally whacked Fields and tossed him into the wire cage. Villa then returned to beating on Galento and failed to see Fields pick himself up off the mat. Fields laid a couple of hard right hands to the Mexican’s jaw knocking him to the mat. A groggy Galento then covered him as Fields tolled the count. Mario Galento was the new Gulf Coast champion. Pancho Villa was irate and the loss of his title and blamed it all on Lee Fields. The two met in a tag team match with Villa teaming with Ali Pasha and Fields with the returning Dick Dunn. Villa took the first fall for his team as he forced Dunn to submit to a Boston Crab. Dunn gained a measure of revenge in the second as he pinned Villa after the Mexican had been slammed around by both Dunn & Fields. In the third fall Dunn was tossed from the ring and Fields fell victim to double teaming by Villa & Pasha. Mario Galento came tearing from the dressing room and clocked Villa. Referee Rocky Smith quickly declared the match a no contest. Villa & Pasha were anxious to get their hands on Galento so they challenged he and Fields to a match. Galento & Fields, who were enemies as often as they were partners, accepted the challenge and the match was set. Lee Fields found himself trapped in the corner of Villa & Pasha and received quite a beating. Finally Pasha pinned him to take the first fall for his team. During the second fall, Galento kept jabbing Pasha in the eyes with a clothespin that he kept hidden in his long hair. The blinded Pasha then fell victim to a toehold by Lee Fields and submitted to cede the fall. During the third and final fall Pasha & Villa were double teaming Galento when referee Tommy Roland tried to regain order. Roland was forcing Pasha from the ring and had his back turned as Villa lifted Galento up for a bodyslam. Fields took advantage of Roland’s lack of attention and climbed to the top rope. He then leaped onto Galento’s back, driving Villa to the mat with Galento on top of him. Roland turned around to see Galento pinning Villa and counted him out, giving the fall and the match to Galento & Fields. Pancho Villa was also stripped of the Mississippi State title for failure to defend it. The title fell into inactivity. The Mysterious Medics made their debut in the area. Billed as holders of the Southern Tag Team Championship, they face the team of Dick Dunn & Ray Andrews in their initial appearance. Andrews fell victim to the masked tandem in the first fall. They each took turns applying a neck breaker on him but refused to pin him, lifting him up after the two count.  Finally after being threatened with a disqualification by referee Jack LaRue, one of the Medics pinned Andrews for the fall. Andrews got even during the second fall as he caught one of the Medics coming off the ropes, rolled him up and pinned him to win the fall.  During the third fall the Medics tossed Andrews from the ring and onto the arena floor. LaRue left the ring to check on him as one of the Medics climbed the top rope and jumped onto the back of Dick Dunn who had the other Medic pinned. As LaRue climbed back into the ring, he saw Dunn covered by one of the masked men and counted the fall, giving the match to the Mysterious Medics.

One of The Mysterious Medics finds himself trapped in the corner of Dick Dunn & Ray Andrews. Referee Jack LaRue warns Dunn about trying to unmask his foe.

Andrews wanted another shot at the Medics so he asked Tom Drake to team with him to face the masked duo. Drake was unable to make the match and newcomer Bruce Austin took his place. Austin won the first fall for his team after flattening one of the Medics with a series of dropkicks and a pin. The Medics came back and took the next two falls, the second with a neck breaker on Andrews and the third, also on Andrews, with a series of bodyslams and a pin. Also in the area were Nick Kolonis and Joe McCarthy.  



Gulf Coast champion Mario Galento put his title on the line against former champion Joe McCarthy, who had once defeated Galento for the title. The match wound up a no contest as the two men battered each other to a bloody pulp. McCarthy grabbed the belt from ringside and carried it back to the dressing room. A rematch was quickly signed and was relatively tame compared to the first bout. McCarthy won the first fall by forcing Galento to submit to a toehold. Galento came back to take the second fall with his Hangman’s hold. In the third fall, McCarthy had Galento in trouble with a series of body tackles. Finally Galento side stepped one and McCarthy crashed to the mat. Galento quickly pinned him and won the fall and the match, thus retaining his title.

Mario Galento takes Joe McCarthy down with an arm drag

Mario Galento takes Joe McCarthy down with an arm drag

McCarthy had no better luck in a match against popular Ray Andrews. McCarthy had things pretty much his way until he got disqualified for continually kicking Andrews in the back while he was caught in the ropes. A newcomer named Bad Boy Hines made his debut in the area. He defeated Dick Dunn in a best two out of three fall match in his initial appearance.

Bad Boy Hines kicks Dick Dunn from the ring

The Mysterious Medics continued their winning ways. They faced off with the team of Lee Fields & Ray Andrews in a match that saw each team take a fall. In the third and deciding fall, the Medics opened a cut over Fields’ eye and starting swinging blindly at everything that moved. He floored his own partner, Andrews, as well as referee Joe Powell. Finally one of the Medics caught him and pinned him to take the fall and the match. Fields & Andrews demanded a rematch but fared no better in that one. In the first fall Fields knocked both of the Medics from the ring, and Andrews pinned one of the masked men as he made his way back into the ring. Andrews got caught up in trying to remove the mask of one of the Medics and his distraction resulted in his being knocked from the ring by the other Medic. The masked duo then double teamed Fields and pinned him to even up the match. During the third fall Fields & Andrews had one of the Medics bleeding. As referee Charles Whatley was checking him over, the other Medic slipped him a piece of steel. As Andrews moved in for the kill he was knocked to the mat by a steel laced punch and easily pinned for the final fall. The Medics then doubled up on Fields again and were giving him a good pasting when Mario Galento charged the ring. Fields & Galento chased the Medics from the ring and then helped the woozy Andrews back to the dressing room. Galento next teamed with Tom Drake to take on the Mysterious Medics. Drake took the first fall for his team by pinning one of the Medics, but then lost the second fall when he was in turn pinned. In the third fall, Drake was tossed from the ring leaving Galento at the mercy of the masked men. They were giving Galento quite a beating when Lee Fields entered the ring and chased the Medics to the dressing room. The Medics were anxious to get their hands of Fields & Galento and offered up their Southern Tag Team title as bait. A title match was signed for Hartwell Field in the first outdoor show of the season. Dick Dunn was signed as the special referee. Galento won the first fall of the match for he and Fields when he forced one of the Medics to submit to his Hangman’s hold. The second fall was a complete melee with several people getting involved in the match. Fields was bleeding from a cut he suffered in the first fall and was pinned in the corner by one of the Medics, Galento had the other Medic mid ring and was giving him a real going over. Referee Dunn was attempting to separate Fields and the Medic when Bad Boy Hines jumped up on the ring apron and slugged him. Hines then held Dunn down as one of the Medics climbed to the top roped and jumped off on him. Hines and the Medic then heaved Dunn to the arena floor. Fields & Galento then found themselves at the mercy of Hines and both Medics until Ray Andrews charged the ring. Andrews fell to the same fate as the rest as Hines & the Medics worked him over as well. Fields, Galento & Andrews were all then tossed to the floor alongside Dunn as the fans tossed chairs into the ring at Hines and the masked men. The trio then made a quick dash to the dressing room but left the Medics’ Southern tag team belts behind. Fields & Galento grabbed them, strapped them on and wore them back to their dressing room amid cheers from the fans.

One of The Mysterious Medics slugs away at Lee Fields

One of The Mysterious Medics slugs away at Lee Fields

The trouble between Dunn and Hines had stemmed from a match earlier in the evening. Hines was facing Ray Andrews and Dunn was the referee. Andrews beat Hines in two straight falls, but Hines took umbrage at Dunn’s officiating. The two exchanged heated words but Hines waited until the tag match to exact his revenge. On that same card, Women’s World Champion Princess Moolah defended her title against Mama Villa. Villa had earned the match by virtue of a win two weeks earlier over top rated Betty Evans. The title match had another special attraction as lady wrestler Fran Gravette served as the referee. Mama Villa took the first fall when she forced Moolah to submit to a double toehold. Moolah evened things up in the second when she caught Villa with a sunset flip and a pin. The third fall was pretty much even until Villa started roughing up referee Gravette. Gravette quickly disqualified Villa and awarded the fall and match to Moolah. Villa then uncorked another blow to Gravette, but this time Gravette fired back. Pancho Villa, who was at ringside, charged the ring to help his wife but was met by a dropkick from Moolah. Moolah then leaped onto Pancho and was swatting away at him until he managed to get the upper hand. He locked Moolah in a headscissors and refused to let go. A fan rushed into the ring and punched Villa in the side of the head and dove back out. The blow had no effect of Villa as he continued to hold Moolah as Mama Villa walloped Gravette. Finally Dick Dunn entered the ring and broke things up. He chased the Villas out of the ring and helped Moolah and Gravette back to the dressing room. Midget girls made their return to the Gulf Coast as Darling Dagmar defeated Baby Cheryl in a best two out of three fall match. A rematch was signed between the Mysterious Medics and the team of Lee Fields & Mario Galento. Referee Vic Kalfus failed to see one of the Medics clout Galento with a ringside chair when his head was tied into the ropes. Galento was easily pinned after that giving the Medics the first fall. Galento got a measure of revenge in the second fall as he hit one of the Medics with a piece of steel and forced him o submit with his Hangman’s hold. The third and deciding fall got totally out of control as all four men were battling in and out of the ring. Referee Kalfus tried to stop the match but got a beating at the hands of the Medics. Referee Joe Powell and Dick Dunn also tried to restore order and were also battered by the masked men. During the wild action a fan tried to toss a chair into Galento but threw it when Galento wasn’t looking. The chair bounced off his head and Galento crumpled to the mat. The match was finally declared a no contest, but the Medics reigned supreme as they were the only ones able to walk back to the dressing room without aid. Dick Dunn and Bad Boy Hines faced off in an attempt to settle their differences. Dunn won the first fall with a reverse roll up to pin the Bad Boy. Hines took the second fall by pinning Dunn after a series of knees to the midsection. In the third fall Dunn uncorked a hard right hand that drew blood from Hines’ nose. As Hines crumpled to the mat, Dunn jumped on him and pinned him for the fall and the match. Hines was so upset at referee Joe Powell that he slugged him and tossed him from the ring. Dunn rushed back into the ring and chased Hines back to the dressing room. Also in the territory in March was Rube Wright.  



Former Southern Tag Team Champions, Don & Bobby Fields returned to the Gulf Coast to face the current champions, the Mysterious Medics, in a title match. Things looked good for the popular Fields brothers as Don Fields pinned one of the Medics with a rolling headlock to take the first fall. Bobby Fields fell victim to the Medics in the second as one Medic stretched him out over the middle rope as the other Medic jumped on him from the ropes. Bobby was then pinned and the match was all even. The Medics tried the same trick on Don in the deciding fall, but Bobby was able to roll one of them up for the pin to take the fall and the match. Don & Bobby Fields were the new Southern Tag Team Champions. The Medics were so anxious to get a chance to regain the Southern title that they put their masks on the line in a rematch. Don Fields took a play out of the Medics’ playbook in the first fall. As one of the Medics was attempting a pin on Bobby, referee Joe Powell was busy trying to get the other Medic out of the ring. Don took advantage of this and jumped from the top rope onto the prone Medic. He then rolled Bobby over on top of the Medic and when Powell turned around he saw Fields pinning the Medic and counted the fall. The Medics took turns kneeing Don in the groin in the second fall before easily pinning him to even the match. During the third and deciding fall, one of the Medics wound up with the top of his mask torn and a bloody scalp. But he managed to hold Bobby Fields from behind as the other Medic slipped a piece of metal into his mask and drove his head into Fields’ head. Bobby fell to the match and was pinned. The Medics kept their identities secret and regained the Southern tag title. Next up to challenge the Medics were The Fabulous Fargos. This time however, the Fargo team was made up of Jackie Fargo and his cousin Joey Fargo. Jackie Fargo took the first fall for his team as he pinned on of the Medics after jumping on him from the ropes. The second fall was a wild one with Joey Fargo ending up with a bloody head caused by the loaded headbutts of the Medics. Finally Jackie could take no more and he charged the ring, knocking down referee Billy Garrett in the process. The Fargos chased the Medics to the dressing room as Garrett declared the match no contest. As the Fargos returned to the ring, they noticed the Southern tag team belts were still lying at ringside. They quickly grabbed up the belts and carried them back to their dressing room. A rematch was signed with Mario Galento assigned the referee’s duty. The Medics protested Galento being named the referee but it was to no avail. As it turned out the Medics had every reason to be suspicious of Galento as his officiating allowed the Fargos to take two straight falls over the masked men to win the bout and the title. The Medics were so incensed at Galento that they beat him to a bloody pulp after the match, causing him a trip to the local hospital.` Galento also had problems with archenemy Pancho Villa. They met in a match that saw Villa attack Galento just as the bell rang. A surprised Galento was pinned by Villa in just over a minute to give the Mexican the first fall. The second fall was all Galento when things took a surprising turn. Mario’s daughter Barbara, who had received a beating a few weeks earlier from Villa and his wife Mama Villa, rushed into the ring and began beating Villa over the head with her purse. When referee Billy Garrett tried to restrain her, he got walloped as well. Mario also got some shots in on Villa and Garrett. Garrett disqualified Galento and gave the fall and the match to Villa. Newcomer Jerry Kozak made short work of Bad Boy Hines in his debut, taking two out of three falls. The following week, Kozak defeated former Gulf Coast champion Joe McCarthy in another best two out of three falls match. The Gulf Coast promotion ventured further east when it held a card at Centennial Field in Tallahassee, Florida. That card saw Pancho Villa defeat Rocky Smith in the opening match while George (Baby Blimp) Harris won the second bout over Tommy Roland. In the main event, Dick Dunn won two out of three falls to defeat Joe McCarthy.  



Given that questionable refereeing by Mario Galento had allowed the Fabulous Fargos to win the Southern Tag Team title, promoter Les Wolfe granted the Mysterious Medics a return match for the title. The match was decided to be fought until one team member was unable to answer the bell, taking as many falls as necessary. Also one of the Medics would be forced to wear a black mask to keep them from being able to switch without the benefit of a tag. The Fargos were ahead 3 falls to 1 when Joey knocked the Medic with the black mask from the ring. The other Medic jumped from the ring apron to check his partner and both masked men climbed under the ring. While they were under there they managed to swap masks and the fresher of the two Medics climbed back into the ring. He quickly attacked the unsuspecting Joey Fargo and gave him a severe beating. The other Medic soon joined in and Joey was beaten and pinned to give the fifth fall to the Medics. Joey was unable to answer the bell for the sixth fall, so the match and title were awarded to the Medics. Mario Galento, having recovered from his beating at the hands of the Medics, wanted another crack at the masked duo. He wanted the meanest and roughest partner he could find to face them, so he approached his mortal enemy Pancho Villa. Galento made it clear that he still didn’t like the Mexican menace, but respected his toughness. Surprisingly, Villa agreed to be Galento’s partner and the match with the Medics was signed, with the Southern title up for grabs. Villa & Galento worked surprisingly well together as Villa pinned one of the Medics to take the first fall. The Medics used an array of foreign objects to batter Galento & Villa in the second fall. Villa kept screaming at referee Bruce Austin to do something about the Medics tactics, but Austin seemed to be too timid to approach the mask pair. Finally Villa had had enough. He tore into the ring and tossed Austin out. He and Galento then gave the Medics the beating of their lives. Second referee Billy Garrett also got a pounding as he came to Austin’s aid. One Medic wound up lying prone in the dirt of Hartwell Field as Galento & Villa worked over the remaining one. Stretcher bearers quickly moved to ringside and attempted to remove the injured Medic from the area, but were interrupted by Galento & Villa who knocked them and the stretcher over and proceeded to kick the fallen Medic. The other Medic recovered long enough to grab one of the sheets from the stretcher and wrap it around Villa’s neck in an attempt to strangle him while kicking at Galento. The stretcher crew managed to load up the injured Medic and was carrying his prone body to an ambulance as fans pelted him, and them, with cups of beer. This caused the stretcher bearers to drop the fallen wrestler to the dirt. They finally grabbed him up and managed to get him to the ambulance, with the other Medic following close behind. Villa & Galento grabbed up the tag team belts and scurried back to their dressing room with them, but the match had been declared a no contest.

One of The Mysterious Medics pounds on a trapped Mario Galento as the other battles in the ropes with Pancho Villa

A return match was signed for the following week at Ladd Memorial Stadium. In that one Galento took the first fall for his team with the use of his Hangman’s hold. In the second fall, Galento was tossed from the ring and Villa was double teamed by the Medics. They took turns landing on the big Mexican’s stomach with both feet until he was easily pinned to tie the match. In the third fall, one of the Medics was attempting to pin Villa when Galento climbed to the top rope and leaped onto the pair. The Medic moved at the last instant and Galento landed on his prone partner. Villa was then easily pinned and the Medics took the fall and the match, retaining their Southern tag title. Villa was irate at Galento and kicked him around quite a bit before leaving him lying in the ring. Popular Lee Fields returned after a brief absence. He teamed with Jerry Kozak to face the team of Bad Boy Hines & newcomer Adrien Baillargeon. Kozak pinned Hines after a series of slams to take the first fall for his team. Hines evened the score in the second when he pinned Kozak after a knee to the stomach. The lanky Baillargeon was impressive in the third fall as he continually reflected dropkicks by both Kozak & Fields. Finally Kozak climbed on Fields’ back to get greater elevation and planted a dropkick on Baillargeon’s chin, dropping the huge Canadian for the pin. Mario Galento had been so busy in his battles with the Mysterious Medics that he failed to defend his Gulf Coast crown and was stripped of the title. A tournament was launched to name a new champion. The winner would also receive a new gold Cadillac. The initial round of matches began at Hartwell Field on May 24, with the following results:

Ali Pasha was originally scheduled to compete in the tournament but died in Pittsburgh, PA on May 20 after suffering a heart attack during a television match. The Gulf Coast championship tournament continued the following week at Ft. Whiting with the following results:

  • Tom Drake defeated Joe McCarthy
  • Chief Little Eagle defeated Adrien Baillargeon
  • Mario Galento defeated Ray Andrews
  • Jerry Kozak and the Mysterious Medic #1 were both disqualified for hitting referee Tommy Roland



Jerry Kozak was having his share of problems with the Mysterious Medics and soon realized he could not handle them alone. In order to even the odds he sent for his brother Nick Kozak who joined him in the Gulf Coast. The Kozak Brothers quickly issued a challenge for the Medics’ Southern Tag Team title, which the Medics accepted. After each team had won a fall, one of the Medics clobbered Jerry Kozak with a ringside chair and put him out of commission for the night. Nick Kozak was more than willing to take on the Medics alone but Alabama Boxing & Wrestling Commissioner Preston Hall stopped the match. He declared it a no contest and held the belts up pending a return match. The return match was set with the winning team to be crowned Southern Tag Team champions. To help maintain order, veteran wrestler Charlie Carr was assigned the duty as special referee. The Medics concentrated on wearing down Nick Kozak in the first fall until he was easily pinned. The Kozaks used airplane spins on both Medics and scored a double pin to win the second fall and even up the match. In the third fall, the Medics tried their favorite trick. One Medic had Nick stretched out with his head over the middle rope as the other Medic climbed up the top rope to jump on top of him. Just as the Medic jumped from the rope, Jerry Kozak ran around the ring and climbed up on the same top rope. As referee Carr was pushing the one Medic from the ring, Jerry jumped onto the Medic that had jumped on Nick. With Carr occupied, Jerry dragged Nick on top of the downed Medic. Carr turned around and spotted Nick pinning the Medic and counted the fall, giving the match and Southern title to the Kozak Brothers. The Medics also continued to have their problems with Mario Galento. Galento challenged the Medic #1 to a match with some special stipulations. If Galento lost he would have his long hair cut off in the middle of the ring. On the other hand if the Medic lost he would have to unmask. The Medic hesitantly agreed and the match was set. Each man had won a fall when the desperate Medic pulled out all stops to protect his identity in the third fall. He battered Galento mercilessly and had him down on the mat. The Medic then scaled the ropes and jumped off onto Galento. Mario moved at the last moment and the Medic crashed knees first to the mat. Galento crawled on top of the masked man and pinned him to take the fall and the match. The Medic reluctantly removed his mask but refused to identify himself as he ran back to the dressing room, using the mask the hide his face. Galento wasn’t satisfied with the result of the match so he asked on again/off again tag partner Lee Fields to join him in a match against both Medics. The Medics refused to meet them in a tag team match but agreed on singles matches, but only the Galento/Medic #1 match with the “hair vs mask” conditions. The Medic #2 faced off against Fields and took the first fall after giving Fields a real shellacking. Fields came back and won the next two falls with knee drops to the Medic’s throat. After the third fall Fields attempted to remove the Medic’s mask, but he fled back to the dressing room. When it came time for the match between Galento and the Medic #1, both Medics came to the ring. As a result, Lee Fields accompanied Galento to the ring. A scuffle ensued and Fields managed to remove the mask from the Medic #2, but he quickly wrapped a towel around his head to hide his features. He made a beeline back to the dressing room with Fields in hot pursuit. Galento and the Medic #1 tore into each other but Galento managed to catch the masked man in his patented Hangman’s hold and forced him to submit to take the first fall. The Medic had things going his way in the second fall as he continually drove his knee into Galento’s stomach as he bounced off the ropes. He tried the trick one time to many, however, as Galento jumped on top of the Medic and scored the pinfall. Again the Medic #1 was forced to remove his ask, but this time he was prepared. His faced was covered in heavy gauze wrapping thus his features were still obscured. Once again he refused to identify himself but it was announced by commission officials that his name was Pierre DeGlane. The tournament to name a new Gulf Coast champion and award a gold Cadillac continued with the following results:

  • Eduardo Perez, who had won a Cadillac and was named the first Gulf Coast Champion in 1957 returned to the area. He defeated Tom Drake
  • Chief Little Eagle defeated Paul DeGalles by disqualification. Paul had been seconded by his brother Pierre DeGallesThe DeGalles Brothers both attacked Little Eagle and tossed him over the top rope.

The following week the tournament continued with the following results:

  • Mario Galento defeated Eduardo Perez
  • Pierre DeGalles defeated Chief Little Eagle

The next week saw these results:

  • Nick Kozak and Pancho Villa battled to a bloody no contest, it was announced they would have a rematch as part of the tournament
  • Joe Scarpa returned after a lengthy absence and defeated newcomer The Great Charles

The tournament rematch between Nick Kozak and Pancho Villa wound up another bloody no contest. Joe Scarpa advanced in the tournament by way of a decision over another newcomer, Jim Burke. It was announced that Buddy Rogers had defeated Pat O’Connor on June 20th at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Rogers would hold the title for 19 months but never appeared in the Gulf Coast.  



The feud between Nick Kozak and Pancho Villa continued as they met in yet another bloody tournament match. Each had won a fall when they took turns knocking referee Speedy Hatfield around in the third fall. Hatfield stopped the match and once again declared it a no contest. It was further decided that both men would advance in the tournament, but would not be matched against each other again unless they both made the finals. Chief Little Eagle was not happy about being eliminated from the tournament by Pierre DeGalles, so he challenged him to a match. DeGalles proved once again to be the better man as he defeated the popular Chief in two out of three falls. The tournament continued with the following results:

  • Nick Kozak defeated newcomer Bulldog Billy Cox
  • Pancho Villa defeated Jerry Kozak
  • Dr. Jerry Graham returned after several years absence and defeated Tom Drake, who was substituting for an injured Joe Scarpa

The following week the tournament continued with these results:

  • Nick Kozak defeated Eddie Graham by disqualification. Eddie, the younger brother of Dr. Jerry Graham was making his debut in the Gulf Coast
  • Pancho Villa defeated Joe Scarpello, the former collegiate standout from the University of Iowa who was making his first appearance in the area
  • Mario Galento defeated newcomer Joe Hamilton
  • In a strange turn of events, Chief Little Eagle was allowed to return to the tournament despite losing an earlier match to Pierre DeGalles. DeGalles had been suspended indefinitely and Little Eagle was allowed to take his spot to face Dr. Jerry Graham. Even stranger was it was decided the winner of this match would be declared the new Gulf Coast Heavyweight Champion. Graham won two out of three falls and bloodied Little Eagle along the way, thus he was the new Gulf Coast champion.

What was now the tournament for the gold Cadillac moved into the semi-finals with the following results:

  • Mario Galento defeated Pancho Villa
  • Dr. Jerry Graham defeated Nick Kozak

Galento and Graham moved onto the final match to decide the winner of the new gold Cadillac.

Mario Galento and Dr. Jerry Graham sign the contract to wrestle for the gold Cadillac

Bad Boy Hines recruited his brother Billy Boy Hines to the area. The Hines Brothers had a successful start as a team as they defeated Jerry & Nick Kozak in Pensacola to win the Southern Tag Team title. Lady wrestlers returned to the area as Ramona Isabell defeated veteran Babs Wingo. Others in the area in July were Adrien Baillargeon, Ray Andrews, Dick Dunn, Bad Boy Hines, Paul DeGalles, Bull Williams, Duke Scarbo, Jim Neal and the Great Charles.  



Gulf Coast champion Dr. Jerry Graham and Mario Galento squared off in a match at Hartwell Field with the winner to be awarded a new gold Cadillac as the award for winning the lengthy tournament. Galento took the first fall after forcing Graham to submit to a double toehold. Graham simply used his massive size to batter Galento into submission to win the second. Before referee Joe Powell was able to signal for the start of the third fall, Galento jumped Graham from behind. But Galento had taken too much of a beating in the previous fall and Graham soon overpowered him. Galento was tossed from the ring by Graham, who also inadvertently knocked referee Powell from the ring as well. Galento spent the next several minutes staggering among the ringside fans, swinging wildly at anyone who approached him. Powell was punched by Galento and two young girls were knocked down by other fans trying to escape the rampaging Galento. Powell finally made his way back into the ring, counted Galento out and raised Graham’s hand in victory. Graham didn’t even get a chance to look at his automobile, which was parked at ringside, due to racing back to the dressing room to avoid the angry mob of fans. Former promoter Buddy Fuller attempted to reclaim the Gulf Coast territory by running an opposition card at Ladd Memorial Stadium. The promoter of record was Eddie Pericola who had served as a figurehead promoter during Fuller’s ownership. The following matches were advertised, but no results have ever been found to verify that the card ever took place:

  • Red Booker vs Hollis Stacey
  • Duke Scarbo vs Billy Hamilton
  • El Medico vs Tom Jacobs
  • Pancho Villa vs Joe Scarpa
  • Nick & Jerry Kozak, billed as Southern Tag Team Champions vs The Fabulous Fargos

Scarbo, Villa, Scarpa, the Kozaks and the Fargos had all been a part of the Gulf Coast promotion in the past and with the exception of Jerry Kozak would all work there again. Even Buddy Fuller himself would return to the Gulf Coast in the near future, as would Billy Hamilton. In fact all of the named wrestlers above appeared on Laurel cards for several weeks following this card. Mario Galento demanded a return match with Dr. Jerry Graham and made it clear he didn’t want Joe Powell to be the referee. Graham accepted the challenge and it was decided that Dick Dunn would serve as the special referee. It took Galento just over a minute to pin the surprised Graham to win the first fall. Graham accused Dunn of giving him a fast count but to no avail. Graham won the second fall by dropping his massive weight down on Galento from the ropes and easily pinning him. In the third and deciding fall Graham and Dunn again exchanged words. At one point Graham was strangling Galento so Dunn grabbed a handful of the Good Doctor’s blonde hair in an effort to break it up. An enraged Graham jumped to his feet and laid a hard right across Dunn’s jaw. Dunn was staggered but quickly blasted Graham right back. Graham fell to the mat, but Dunn wasn’t through just yet. He lifted Graham to his feet and belted him again. Then he helped Galento to his feet, guided him across the ring to where the prone Graham lay. Mario quickly covered Graham and Dunn tolled the three count. This led Dr. Jerry Graham to issue a challenge to Dick Dunn and to sweeten the pot, he put his new car up for grabs. Dunn jumped at the opportunity and agreed to the match. Graham won the first fall and Dunn the second. In the third fall Dunn managed to knock the big Doctor off his feet and then mounted the ropes. As a dazed Graham struggled to his feet, Dunn hit him with a dropkick from the ropes and pinned him to win the fall, the match and the Cadillac. With the win over Graham, Dick Dunn began requesting matchmaker Skip Wetjen line up another match with Graham, this time for the Doctor’s Gulf Coast crown. Things looked good for Graham as he easily won the first fall after pinning Dunn down with his expansive girth. Dunn gave Graham a good working over and pinned him to even up things in the second fall. Graham had everything going his way in the third fall when he trapped Dunn in a corner. Graham continually rammed his head into Dunn’s chest until Dunn finally managed to move away, causing Graham to ram his head into the turnbuckle. The Good Doctor fell back onto the mat and Dunn easily pinned him to win the fall and the match. Dick Dunn was the new Gulf Coast Heavyweight Champion. Dunn also ran afoul of the Hines Brothers. Billy Boy Hines was wrestling Tom Drake when he had Drake’s head tied between the ropes. Referee Leo Morgan was attempting to untie Drake but Dunn, who was watching from the dressing room, decided he wasn’t acting quick enough. He ran to the ring, belted both Hines and Morgan and freed Drake from the ropes. Morgan awarded the match to Hines on a disqualification. Bad Boy Hines didn’t like how Dunn had manhandled his brother. He wanted to get his hands on Dunn and challenged him to a match. Dunn agreed to the match with Hines and put his newly won Gulf Coast title on the line as well.  Each man had won a fall when Dunn had Hines set up for a pin in the third. Suddenly Dr. Jerry Graham leaped into the ring and attacked Dunn. He used a piledriver to drive Dunn’s head to the ring mat. Dunn was severely injured and carried to the hospital.

Dick Dunn tosses Bad Boy Hines

The Hines Brothers remained successful in tag matches, but were keeping their Southern Tag Team crown under wraps. They defeated the teams of Dick Dunn & Chief Little eagle and Lee Fields & Tom Drake in non-title matches. The ladies returned as Nell Stewart topped China Mira in a best two out of three fall match. Others appearing in the area were Ray Andrews, Joe Scarpa, George (Baby Blimp) Harris the Great Charles, Chris Averoff, Bull Williams  and newcomers Don Whittler, Jo Jo Louis and King Toby.  



Dick Dunn, upset over the sore neck he received at the hands of Dr. Jerry Graham was anxious to get his hands on the big blonde. Graham was just as upset with Dunn for winning his Cadillac and his refusal to give Graham a return match for the Gulf Coast crown. Promoter Skip Wetjen signed a match between the two. Dunn’s title would not be on the line and Buddy Fuller was signed as the special referee. Graham continually worked on Dunn’s neck during the first fall and finally wore him down and pinned him. In the second fall Graham kept backing Dunn into the corner and choking him. Fuller, in order to break the Doctor’s illegal hold, pulled Graham by his blonde locks. Graham got upset by this and belted Fuller. Fuller returned the blow, which allowed Dunn to pin the stunned Graham to even the bout at a fall apiece. When Graham came out of the dressing room for the start of the third fall, the fans got quite a surprise. He was accompanied by Chief Little Eagle who had been a popular favorite. Little Eagle took his seat in Graham’s corner as the third fall got underway. Again Graham kept backing Dunn into the corner and choking him. Once again Fuller grabbed Graham by the hair in order to break the hold. This time, however, Little Eagle grabbed Fuller by the ankles and pulled him from the ring. He slugged the stunned Fuller then tried jumped into the ring to help Graham give Dunn a beating. A spectator whacked him across the backside with a chair, but he managed to make it into the ring. Graham and Eagle were thrashing Dunn at will as the fans started tossing chairs into the ring. One woman was hit by a flying chair and a male spectator was knocked from his seat. Fuller managed to make it into the ring followed by a spectator. Fuller turned his attention to the interloper and was busy showing him the error of his ways. In the meantime Little Eagle had gotten into a scuffle with another ringsider. The wrestlers from both dressing rooms hit the ring in an attempt to regain order and get everyone from the ring to the safety of the dressing room. Fuller declared Dunn the winner of the bout despite the protests of Graham & Little Eagle. All of this led to a tag team math with Dr. Jerry Graham & Chief Little Eagle facing off against Dick Dunn & Buddy Fuller. Graham won the first fall for his team as he jumped on Fuller from the ropes and pinned him. Fuller evened the score in the second by pinning Graham after a series of right hands across his jaw. Little Eagle & Graham spent most of the third fall double teaming Dunn in the third before Graham pinned him to take the fall and the match. Dunn was anxious to get his hands of Chief Little Eagle and agreed to put the Gulf Coast title on the line to get the chance. Little Eagle took the first fall by pinning Dunn after a series of Tomahawk chops to the throat. Dunn managed to duck a Tomahawk chop and hit Little Eagle with a flying dropkick to pin him to take the second fall. In the third fall, Dunn opened a cut on Little Eagle’s head and seemed on the verge of victory. In desperation, Little Eagle tossed Dunn from the ring. Little Eagle kept knocking Dunn back to the ground each time he tried to reenter the ring. On Dunn’s final attempt, Little Eagle rammed his head into the steel ringpost. Dunn fell to the ground and rolled under the ring. Several ringside fans assisted him back to his feet and up onto the ring apron. Little Eagle then grabbed Dunn, flipped him into the ring and pinned him to become the new Gulf Coast Champion. Dunn and Little Eagle got into another scrap on television and were demanding another match. Promoter Skip Wetjen told the men that he would book one more match between the two and there would be no more. This final match would have no time limit, no disqualifications and the loser of the bout who have his hair shaved from his head. Dunn also demanded that the match be for the Gulf Coast title but Little Eagle refused to put the belt on the line. The match was a wild one. Each man had taken a fall and in the deciding fall, Little Eagle unwrapped the tape that he had around his wrist and choked Dunn unconscious and pinned him. The fans were very upset at this turn of events as was Bill LaCoste, the barber who had been hired to do the hair cutting. Wetjen entered the ring and tried to explain to the fans that the match had been held under the condition of no hold barred and that Dunn had lost the bout and had agreed to get his hair cut. Dunn even took his seat in the center of the ring and waved LaCoste in to do his job. But a fan grabbed LaCoste and threatened him as he was making his way to the ring. He tried to leave the scene but Wetjen and other officials convinced him to go through with the job. LaCoste climbed into the ring, took one look at the angry mob and bailed out once again. Three times he was brought back to the ring and three times he made his escape. The final time was for good as he made it to his car and left Hartwell Field. It was then announced that Dunn would have his head shaved live during the television program the following Saturday. Don & Bobby Fields returned after a lengthy absence and set their sights on the Southern Tag Team title held by Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines. Their first match back was a scheduled non-title match with the Hines Boys, but Bobby was injured and had to be replaced in the match by Tom Drake. The Hines Brothers took two out of three falls to win that match. A new tag team arrived in the area consisting of Eric & Karl Von Krupp. The Von Krupps handily defeated Joe Scarpa & a returning Jose Lothario. Scarpa & Lothario had better luck the following week as they defeated the team of Dr. Jerry Graham & Chris Averoff. The Von Krupps next challenged Don & Bobby Fields to a match.  Each team had scored a fall apiece and the third fall began with all four men in the ring at the same time. Referee Leo Morgan was knocked from the ring while trying to restore order. Finally Don Fields trapped Eric Von Krupp in a double toehold and had him ready to submit. Bobby Fields realized that Morgan was not in the ring and left the ring to help him. At that point Karl Von Krupp jumped over the ropes and knocked Don Fields down. He then covered him just as Morgan was being pushed back into the ring by Bobby Fields. Morgan counted Don out and the Von Krupps were declared the winners. Lee Fields was upset at the victory the Von Krupps had taken over his brothers so he challenged them to a match, taking Greg Peterson as his partner. Fields & Peterson took the first fall, with the Von Krupps taking the second. In the third fall, Fields & Peterson got a little rough with referee Leo Morgan and found themselves disqualified. The Von Krupps remained undefeated.

Lee Fields tosses Eric Von Krupp to the mat

The ladies returned to the area when JoJo Welch met Jeanette Collins in a match in Laurel, MS.  JoJo emerged victorious after a hard fought bout. Also in the area were Paul DeGalles, Ray Andrews, Bruce Austin, Tom Drake and Don Whittler.  



After having his hair cut off on television, Dick Dunn was anxious to get his hands on the man who caused the loss Chief Little Eagle. Promoter Skip Wetjen, however, was sticking to his vow to never match the two again in a singles match. He did agree to a tag team match so Dunn took Joe Scarpa as his partner to face Little Eagle & Dr. Jerry Graham. Dunn & Scarpa double dropkicked Graham to win the first fall, while Little Eagle pinned Dunn to take the second. The third fall basically became a singles match between Dunn and Little Eagle as Graham and Scarpa left the ring and sat at ringside to watch. Dunn had a decided advantage as he opened up a deep cut on Little Eagle’s forehead. With his partner on the verge of losing the bout, Dr. Graham climbed back into the ring carrying a folding chair. Scarpa also dived back into the ring but referee Bob Howard tried to get him to step outside the ropes. With the referee’s back turned, Graham brought the chair down on to Dunn’s head, knocking him silly. When referee Howard turned back around he found Little Eagle pinning Dunn and tolled the count, giving the fall and the match to Little Eagle & Graham. Chief Little Eagle also found an enemy in Mario Galento. Galento, a former Gulf Coast Champion, claimed he could easily defeat Little Eagle, the current champion. Little Eagle agreed to the match but would not put his title on the line. Galento jumped Little Eagle as referee Bob Howard was giving the two their opening instructions. The stunned Chief was easily pinned by Galento to lose the first fall. Little Eagle came back strong in the second fall pinning Galento after opening a cut on his head. The third fall was a wild and wooly one as both men battered each other from pillar to post. Referee Howard tried to separate the two but was floored by Galento and then tossed from the ring. He called a halt to the match and declared it a no contest. Little Eagle next put his title on the line against another former champion, Jose Lothario. Lothario had earned the title shot by defeating yet another former champion, Dr. Jerry Graham in two straight falls. The title match was even with each man having a fall apiece going into the deciding fall. Lothario had Little Eagle on the verge of defeat after a series of jarring bodyslams. As Lothario picked Little Eagle up for a final slam, the Chief’s feet hit referee Jess Sosum and knocked him to the mat. Lothario then pinned Little Eagle but Sosum was unable to toll the count. Lothario then rose to his feet and went over to check the fallen referee. Little Eagle took advantage of this situation and pulled a piece of metal from his trunks. He hit Lothario in the back of the head with it and fell on him for the pin. Sosum managed to gain his senses long enough to count the fall and declare Little Eagle the winner. Don & Bobby Fields finally got their opportunity to wrestle the Hines Brothers for the Southern Tag Team title on October 6 in Dothan. They handily defeated the Hines duo and claimed the title for the 5th time.

Bad Boy Hines rips at the nose of Bobby Fields

The Fields boys were as fortunate when they faced a new team to the area in a non-title match. That team was The Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Cousin Chuck & Cousin Alfred. The match didn’t start well as referee Bob Howard checked the Hillbillies and found everything from string to a slingshot in their overalls. Those same overalls cane into play as the Hillbillies used the bib of them to smother Don Fields into submission, finally pinning him to take the fall. Bobby Fields used a series of dropkicks and a pin on Cousin Chuck to take the second fall. Things were going the Fields Brothers’ way in the third fall until Cousin Alfred picked up his moonshine jug that was in the Hillbillies’ corner. He tossed some of the liquid into Bobby Fields’ eyes. Blinded, Fields was easy prey for Alfred’s mule kick and was pinned giving the fall and the match to the Hillbillies. The following week the Hillbillies faced off with an equally rough team, Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines. The Hillbillies were demanding a shot at the Fields’ Southern Tag Team Championship. As former champions, the Hines boys were also clamoring for a title go. Promoter Skip Wetjen signed the two teams and promised a title shot for the winning team. When the night of the match arrived, Cousin Chuck was unavailable therefore the Hines Brothers faced another set of Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Cousin Alfred & Cousin Rip. Each team had a fall apiece going into the third and deciding fall. During that fall the Hines boys tied Cousin Alfred’s head between the middle and top ropes and were double teaming Cousin Rip, who was soon a bloody mess. As referee Jack Purdin struggled to free Alfred, Rip managed to fight back, even opening a cut over Billy Boy Hines’ right eye. Finally Alfred was freed and the four men continued to batter each other until Purdin called a halt to the match, declaring it a no contest. A new masked man arrived in the area calling himself The White Angel and he proved himself to be anything but an angel. He faced popular Ray Andrews in his debut. Andrews took the first fall from the masked man after a series of dropkicks and a pin. The Angel came back to win the second fall with a shoulder breaker and pin on Andrews. During the third fall, Andrews tossed the Angel from the ring and kept punching him each time he tried to return. Finally referee Jesse Sosum managed to keep Andrews occupied long enough for the masked man to get onto the ring apron. What Sosum didn’t see was that the Angel had a piece of metal in his hand that he used to knock Andrews unconscious. The Angel then easily pinned Andrews to take the fall and the match. The following week, The White Angel was involved in a 7 man Battle Royal that had some unusual conditions. As the participants were eliminated they were to face off in singles matches later in the evening, in the order they were eliminated. The first to be eliminated were Bad Boy Hines and Billy Boy Hines. The next two were Buddy Fuller and Joe Scarpa. Next out was Gorgeous George Grant. Finally the White Angel eliminated Jose Lothario to win the Battle Royal and earn the remainder of the night off. The Hines Brothers refused to wrestle each other, so they were challenged to a tag team match by Fuller & Scarpa, who also preferred not to face each other. The tag match was won by Fuller & Scarpa. Lothario defeated Grant in the remaining match. Next up for the White Angel was popular Joe Scarpa. After each man had won a fall apiece, the Angel loaded his knee bandage with a piece of metal and used in to knock Scarpa unconscious to take the match. Dick Dunn was the next to challenge the masked man and took an early advantage by winning the first fall in their match. The Angel came back to take the second fall to even things up. In the third fall the Angel was battering Dunn at will and was on the verge of winning the bout when Dunn began to fight back. Referee Jess Sosum kept warning Dunn about the use of his fists until Dunn floored him several times with a hard right hand. Sosum disqualified Dunn and awarded the match to the Angel. Still not satisfied, he also held Dunn as the Angel gave him a real pasting.  



Since the match between the Hines Brothers and the Scufflin’ Hillbillies failed to produce a winner, a rematch was signed with the winning team again promised a shot at Don & Bobby Fields’ Southern tag title. Promoter Skip Wetjen also made the match a best 3 out of 5 falls match to ensure each team had plenty of time to prove its’ superiority. Cousin Alfred won the first fall for his team after hitting Billy Boy Hines over the head with his whiskey jug and pinning him. But that would be all there was for the Hillbillies. Bad Boy Hines pinned Cousin Rip to win the second fall after kneeing him in the stomach. In the third fall Billy Boy Hines jumped from the ropes onto Cousin Alfred’s ample belly and pinned him for the fall. The finale began without referee Chuck Berger. This allowed the Hines Boys time to give the Hillbillies a real going over. When Berger finally got in the ring, Billy Boy Hines had Cousin Alfred pinned. Berger counted Alfred out and awarded the match to the Hines Brothers. By virtue of their win over the Scufflin’ Hillbillies, Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines were given match with Don & Bobby Fields for the Southern tag team title. During the first fall, Bobby Fields held Billy Boy Hines while Don Fields dropkicked him from the top rope. Bobby then pinned Billy to win the fall. In the second fall, Bobby and Bad Boy Hines collided mid ring and were both laid out. Don Fields entered the ring to go to his brother’s aid. As referee Tommy Roland was pushing him out of the ring, Billy Boy Hines climbed into the ring and dragged Bad Boy on top of Bobby Fields. Roland turned around in time to count Fields out and award the fall to the Hines boys. The third fall saw Bad Boy Hines bleeding after taking a real beating from the Fields duo. He lay on the arena floor as Billy Boy absorbed similar punishment before Don Fields pinned him to take the fall and the match. Despite the loss, the upset Hines Brothers then grabbed up the Southern tag belts and raced to the dressing room with them.

Bad Boy Hines slams Don Fields to the mat

A rematch between the two sets of brothers was signed again with the Fields’ Southern crown on the line. Bobby Fields took the first fall for his team by pinning Billy Boy Hines after a series of monkey flips. Bobby fell victim to Bad Boy Hines in the second. Hines had his right hand heavily taped and used it to batter Fields down and easily pin him. The third fall saw things really get out of hand despite the efforts of referee Fred Bass. All four men were bloody as they battled each other in the middle of the ring. Bass got walloped a few times himself as he tried to maintain some semblance of order, finally stopping the match. He disqualified both teams and held the title up. Promoter Skip Wetjen decided that if these four were going to spend all of their time throwing fists at each other, then he would let them do it. So he signed a match where all four participants would be wearing boxing gloves. The Hines brothers proved to be much more efficient in this type of battle and handily defeated the Fields boys to win the match. The matter of the Southern Tag Team title was still unresolved so Wetjen came up with a unique solution. Since he was wary of matching the Hines’ and Fields’ together in another tag team match, he put the title on the line in singles matches between the two pairs of brothers. Bobby Fields was matched up against Bad Boy Hines while Don Fields would meet Billy Boy Hines. The winners of each match would receive one of the tag team title belts. If the end of the evening saw each set of brothers with a belt apiece, the title would be declared vacant and a tournament set up to determine new champions. The tournament wasn’t necessary, however, as both Don & Bobby Fields emerged victorious and got the Southern tag title back.

Bobby Fields holds Bad Boy Hines in a side headlock

A couple of wrestlers returned after absences, one popular and the other not so much. Lee Fields returned and defeated newcomer Black Jack Dillon. The other returnee was the unpopular Pancho Villa. Villa teamed with Gorgeous George Grant only to fall to the duo of Mario Galento & Ray Andrews. Pancho’s wife Annie Villa made her return as well. She teamed with newcomer Ivan Zukoff to face the team of Jose Lothario & Venus LaRue. Annie Villa had things in control as she continually slammed LaRue to the mat in the first fall. Unfortunately she underestimated her own strength as she lifted LaRue for the finishing slam. Annie toppled over backward with LaRue on top of her. Referee Ken Ramey counted Villa out and awarded the fall to LaRue & Lothario. Villa got a measure of revenge in the second fall as she rammed LaRue’s head into Zukoff’s knee and pinned her for the fall. Zukoff took the third and deciding fall for his team as he pinned Lothario while Villa held Lothario’s feet to prevent him from kicking out. Ramey missed this action on Villa’s part and was whacked by LaRue after the match for his lack of awareness. She was slapping him around pretty good until announcer Clem Courtney got her calmed down. Annie Villa also faced Jean Antone in a match in Laurel. Antone won with Villa was disqualified for her rough tactics. Prior to the start of the matches Miss Antone married her high school sweetheart Billy Joe McLain in a full wedding service in the ring. Laurel promoter Ray Andrews presented the couple with a $50 gift. Antone and Mama Villa met in a rematch in Laurel two weeks later which saw Antone win two falls to one. The following week Villa got a measure of revenge when she teamed with Pat Lyda to defeat Antone & Venus LaRue. The White Angel’s reign of terror came to a halt when he faced Joe Scarpa in a match. The Angel took the first fall by forcing Scarpa to submit to a punishing toehold. Scarpa came back to win the second fall with a sunset flip to pin the masked man. The Angel was up to his tricks in the third fall as he used a piece of metal in his knee wrap to batter Scarpa. Finally, Scarpa able to remove the object from the Angel’s wrapping and used it himself. He knocked the Angel senseless and pinned him to take the fall and the match. With the White Angel laying helpless in the ring, Scarpa decided to remove his mask, revealing Pedro Zapata. In one of the most unusual matches ever seen in the Gulf Coast area, Tuffy Truesdale wrestled Rodney, his pet alligator. Truesdale flipped and tussled with his scaly opponent but no pinfall was scored by either. The following week Truesdale brought along Victor, his wrestling bear. In another first, Victor squared off with a woman wrestler in the form of Annie Villa. The bear was a little hesitant to lock up with a female, but soon chased Villa, Truesdale and referee Skip Wetjen from the ring. Also appearing in the area was Greg Peterson.  



A feud involving Pancho Villa and Joe Scarpa began brewing. It began during a six-man tag team match that was to be the three Fields Brothers against Villa, Chief Little Eagle & Eric Von Krupp. Scarpa wound up substituting for the ailing Bobby Fields and lost the first fall to Villa after submitting to a Boston Crab. Don Fields scored the second fall for his team when he pinned Von Krupp, who had been slammed around by all three members of the opposing team.

Joe Scarpa slams into Ivan Zukoff with a shoulder tackle

At the beginning of the third fall Little Eagle, the reigning Gulf Coast champion, challenged Scarpa and the Fields Brothers to face him at the same time. They each took turns slamming him before Scarpa pinned him to take the fall and the match. After the match all of the participants had departed except Scarpa and Villa. Villa grabbed Scarpa and applied his illegal piledriver. Scarpa was left injured and Villa was threatened with a suspension. Scarpa pleaded with officials not to suspend Villa because he wanted a match with the Mexican madman. In the first fall of that match Scarpa slammed Villa so hard and so often that it jarred the ring flooring loose. He finally pinned Villa and took the first fall. The ring flooring was repaired between falls and Villa came back strong in the second. He finally drove his knee into Scarpa’s groin, a move that was not seen by referee Joe Powell. This allowed Villa to pin a weakened Scarpa to even up the match. Scarpa was seeing red during the third fall and once again took after Villa with a series of jarring bodyslams. Once again the ring floor was loosened by the impact. As referee Powell was trying to get the ring repaired, Villa grabbed Scarpa and shoved him to the mat. He then fell on Scarpa with his forearm across Scarpa’s throat. As much as the gasping Scarpa struggled, Villa was able to pin him without Powell seeing his illegal maneuver. Bad Boy & Billy Boy Hines were aiming for another shot at the Southern tag title held by Don & Bobby Fields. In order to get a chance they challenged the eldest of the Fields clan, Lee Fields to face them with a partner of his choosing. Lee chose Mario Galento and the match was set. Billy Boy Hines pinned Fields to win the first fall for his team, but fell victim to Galento’s Hangman hold in the second. In the third fall, Bad Boy Hines was using a soapy towel to blind Galento while Billy Boy distracted referee Bud Clardy. Fields attempted to come to his partner’s rescue only to be forced from the ring by Clardy. After several minutes of this Fields finally knocked Clardy aside and went to Galento’s rescue only to receive a face full of soap himself. Fields & Galento managed to begin fighting back and soon all four men were covered in lather and swinging wildly. Clardy tried to restore order only to be knocked aside again. He then stopped the match and declared it a no contest. Dick Dunn returned to the area after recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered on the 1st of November. Dunn and fellow wrestlers Joe Costello and Billy Garrett were in a bar in Nashville when a fight broke out. A gun was soon brought into the battle and several shots rang out. Dunn and Garrett were wounded in the shooting and Costello was killed. Dunn pinned newcomer Duke Savage with a rolling full-nelson to win his initial match back. Further evidence of Dunn’s full recovery came the following week when he topped Pancho Villa in two straight falls. The three Fields Brothers, Lee, Don & Bobby teamed for the first time in quite a while when they faced the threesome of Billy Boy Hines, Ivan Zukoff and a masked newcomer The Ace of Spades. Bobby Fields took the first fall for his side when he pinned Zukoff. All three of the brothers spent the second fall slamming Hines until he was weak enough for Lee Fields to pin him to take the match in straight falls.

Lee Fields sends The Ace of Spades flying with a right cross.

Lee Fields sends The Ace of Spades flying with a right cross.

Also appearing in the area were Sailor Moran, Buddy Fuller, Ray Andrews, Rocky Smith and newcomers Jack Bence and The Black Dragon.