The scope of this site is to cover the Gulf Coast territory from 1952 to January 1978. However I have come across a few results for Dothan and Panama City for the year 1950. Since these towns would become major towns for the Gulf Coast territory, I thought I would do a brief write up for the year. Many of the wrestlers that appeared on these cards would also work for the Gulf Coast promotions. The cards were promoted by Joe Gunther.



A couple of cards were held in Dothan in January of 1950. On the first card Juanita Coffman defeated Celia Blevins in a ladies encounter. Nick Carter defeated The Green Shadow in a best two out of three falls match.

The second card in Dothan saw Jack Wentworth draw Mr. X in the opener. Johnny Gallagher defeated Billy Rush in the second match. The main event saw Mr. X & Rush defeat Wentworth & Gallagher in a best two out of three falls bout.

Both of these cards were held at the Wiregrass Arena on East Main Street.



The first card in Dothan for February saw Garza Lozano defeat Jack McDonald in a best two out of three fall match. In another best two out of three fall match, Jack Wentworth defeated Frank Hill.

The second card saw The Green Shadow wrestle to a draw with Hubert Wright, Rex Mobley defeated Garza Lozano and Lozano & the Shadow defeated Mobley & Wright in the main event.


This was the final card held in Dothan.



One card was held in March, this time in Panama City, Florida. This card saw Joe Wolfe defeat George Cologne. The main event was a ladies match in which Beverly Lehmer beat Millie Stafford.



Another wrestling card was held in May, but this time in Pensacola, Florida under promoter Vic Kalfus. On this card Pat Cronin defeated the promoter’s son, Vic Kalfus, Jr.  In the main event, Rex Mobley take the measure of The Black Phantom.



Wrestling returned to Panama City in July.

The first card in Panama City saw George O’Hara defeat Charley Keene and Charlie Laye defeat George Cologne in matches that went nearly an hour each.

This card was held at the Panama City Civic Center.

The following week saw George O’Hara defeat The Black Panther and Prince Alo Leilani defeat Chico Ortiz.

The final week of July saw Chico Ortiz defeat Chief Little Fox and Jack Kelly defeat Charlie Laye in a pair of best two out of three fall matches.

These two cards were held at Tommy Oliver Field.



The first card in August was held at Tommy Oliver Field and saw Jack Kelly defeat Charley Keene and George O’Hara defeat Billy Rush.

The following week Jack Kelly defeated George Cologne and George O’Hara defeated Chico Ortiz.

The third week in August saw a record crowd at Tommy Oliver Field as Women’s World Champion Mildred Burke successfully defended her title against the challenge of June Byers. Burke won the bout in two straight falls to retain her crown.

On the same card Jack Kelly defeated George O’Hara in a best two out of three falls bout.

The following week Chico Ortiz defeated Red Byrd and Jack Kelly continued his winning ways by downing Charley Keene.

A card was scheduled for the last week of August that was to have Herb Welch take on Red Byrd and Jack Kelly meeting Johnny Gallagher. However threatening weather forced the cancellation of the card.

There were no more matches held in Panama City or anywhere else along the Gulf Coast until March of 1952.