Laurel, MS 1960/03

March 1, 1960 Laurel, MS @ Civic Center
Jack Curtis Jr. d. Dino Galento via DQ*

*This was the only match on the card. Joe McCarthy was supposed to meet Lee Fields in a title match, but Fields did not appear. Frankie Cain was to face Spider Galento, but he didn’t appear. Promoter Skip Wetjen decided to have one match and told fans they could have rain checks for next week’s matches.

“During early stages of the fight, McCarthy and the Spider stood at the mike on the Civic Center stage and shouted advice to Dino. Midway in the match, when Curtis was punishing Dino, the Spider rushed toward the ring to aid his brother. He was halted by police.

“The Spider turned to the mike to continue  a verbal barrage. Police again intervened. They went to the stage. The Spider retreated behind the curtain. A few minutes later, the cops escorted the Spider from the arena and carried him to police headquarters.

“Assistant chief of police Grady Nix said the Spider was charged with disorderly conduct and released after posted a $10 cash bond. He was back at the arena soon after Curtis was awarded the decision in the fight with his brother.” Laurel Leader-Call, March 2, 1960

March 8, 1960 Laurel, MS @ Civic Center
Jack Curtis Jr. d. Dino Galento (Texas Death; Galento says if he doesn’t win, he’ll never wrestle in Laurel again)
Chris Belkas& Spider Galento d. Billy Wicks & Rube Wright (2-1) via DQ
Chris Belkas drew Billy Wicks

March 15, 1960 Laurel, MS @ Civic Center
Al Galento d. Jack Curtis Jr. (2-1)
Chris Belkas & Treacherous Phillips d. Bruce Austin* & Frankie Cain (2-1)

*Austin subbed for Buddy Fuller

March 22, 1960 Laurel, MS @ Civic Center
Mississippi State Title Match: Al Galento (c) d. Jack Curtis (2-1) via C/O
Chris Belkas d. Gene Dubois (2-0)
Brownie the Bear dueled with Al Galento and Jack Curtis.

Curtis steals the championship belt. Baby Blimp Harris was supposed to face the bear but didn’t show up.

March 29, 1960 Laurel, MS @ Civic Center

Lee Fields d. Billy Strong (2-0)
Great Bolo d. Greg Peterson (1-0, Peterson unable to continue for second fall)
Mississippi State Title Match: Spider Galento (c) d. Jack Curtis (2-1)

“The title fight saw Curtis come into the ring with the belt around his waist. Galento beat Jack here last week in a title fight, but Jack snatched the belt, refused to return it, and kept it all week.” Laurel Leader-Call, March 30, 1960