This site is dedicated to preserving the great history and legacies of this wrestling territory and the talented wrestlers who entertained thousands of fans on a weekly basis. GCCWHistory.com will cover the years of 1950 through 1977. 

This site would not be possible without the amazing work and contributions from the following individuals: The Fields Family, Cowboy Bob Kelly, Bill Bowman, Joe Turner, Terry Lathan, Scott Teal, Chris Swisher, Chuck Thornton, Mike Calloway, Dale Ingram, Teddy Baker, David Williamson, Tom Hankins, Jeff Luce, Barry Rose, Pete Lederberg, George Schire, Dave Drason, Doug McLeer, Greg Warren, Steve Johnson, Gary Will, Pete Jarvis, Tim Dills, Scott Thrasher, Mike Bonham, Bobby Vankavelaar, Mike Shields, Gary Rowell, Mary Nelson and Scott George. I thank each and every one of them for their help and support.