Municipal Auditorium – Mobile, Alabama

Opened In: 1964

Location: Between South Lawrence and Clairborne Streets in downtown Mobile, AL

Seating Capacity: 10,000

There were a few wrestling cards staged at the Auditorium in inaugural year of 1964 and it was not used again until early 1971. It was the regular venue for wrestling in Mobile from early 1971 until early 1973 when the matches were moved to the Expo Hall, which was adjacent to the big arena. The Auditorium was still used on occasion if a large crowd was anticipated. It was renamed the Mobile Civic Center in the late 1980s and continues to be the sight of various events.


The Mobile Municipal Auditorium


Inside the Mobile Municipal Auditorium. This picture was taken during the “Spring Wrestling Festival” held in April of 1971. 9,000 plus fans were on hand.