Lee Street Arena – Montgomery, Alabama

Opened In: 1930s

Location: 317 Lee Street

Seating Capacity: 2500


The Lee Street Arena, located at the corner of Lee and Bibb Streets in downtown Montgomery, was built sometime in the 1930s. It was used periodically as an indoor venue for wrestling beginning in 1935. Ben Goltsman, owner of the Montgomery Rebels baseball team, bought the building when he began promoting wrestling in 1943. The building continued as the wrestling venue even after Goltsman sold the promotion to Joe Gunther in January of 1950. Promoters Gunther and Charles Guercio promoted wrestling events there until January of 1951. At that point Goltsman decided to convert the building to office and warehouse space. The building itself is no longer in existence.


Current view of the corner of Lee and Bibb Streets where the Lee Street Arena once stood.