Ladd Memorial Stadium – Mobile, Alabama

Opened in: 1948

Location: 1621 Virginia Street, Mobile, AL

Seating Capacity: 33,500 (for football, appr. 15,000 for wrestling)


The Ernest F. Ladd Memorial Stadium is best known as being the home of the annual college football Senior Bowl from 1951 until present. The University of Alabama played Vanderbilt in the very first football game played at the stadium in 1948. Alabama played one game per year there until 1968 (with the exception of 1960 and 1962). The largest wrestling crowd in the history of Mobile was held in Ladd Stadium on May 22, 1957. That night over 12,000 fans saw Eduardo Perez defeat Lee Fields to become the very first Gulf Coast Heavyweight Champion. Ladd Stadium was the site of several more large crowds in 1957 and 1958 but no more cards were held there. The stadium is now known as Ladd Peebles Memorial Stadium and still hosts the nationally televised Senior Bowl every year.


Ladd Memorial Stadium


Ladd Memorial Stadium