This site is dedicated to preserving the great history and legacies of this wrestling territory and the talented wrestlers who entertained thousands of fans on a weekly basis. GCCWHistory.com will cover the years of 1950 through 1977. 

GCWA Results & Clippings

This is a comprehensive listing of GCWA results for various dates, cities and events. We also have clippings of many of these classic matches.

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GCWA Wrestlers

There were many great wrestlers who came through this region during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Some of these wrestlers became huge stars of the era. Additionally, some of the national superstars also came through this region to engage in some tremendous battles. Check out our comprehensive listing of the wrestlers who came through this territory and the details of any titles held.

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1954 Year In Review

MARCH: The main star in the area at the beginning of the year was Lester Welch. The...

1955 Year In Review

JANUARY: A tag team tournament to crown Southern Tag Team Champions had been in progress...